Castleton Ranch Horse Rescue Inc.

Castleton Ranch Horse Rescue Inc., will provide rescue, rehabilitation and lifetime sanctuary to those horses who are at risk of needless slaughter, who are old and/or injured and have been abandoned with nowhere to go. All rescued horses will receive the very best of care and management throughout the remaining years of their life. Through our educational and assistance programs, Castleton Ranch Horse Rescue Inc, will reach out both within and outside of our community to make the public aware of the plight of many horses and the need for the specialist care that Castleton are very proud to provide. Castleton Ranch will, at all times, utilize the funds trusted to our care, to improve the quality of life of the many horses living at our sanctuaries and to develop new and productive programs to help prevent the needless suffering of many horses. PREVENTION THROUGH EDUCATION.

Headquarter Address

28581 Old Ranch Drive
Valley Center, CA 92082