Blind Children's Center

The Blind Children's Center's mission is to prepare children who are visually impaired to thrive in a sighted world through inclusive, family-focused early intervention and child development programs. The Center was founded in 1938 by Southern California Delta Gamma alumnae. Each year we serve 80 children and provide an array of support services for 300 family members, completely free of charge. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive program of specialized education and training which will optimize our students' development and opportunities to lead a meaningful and productive life. We are committed to a family-focused approach where parents, siblings, grandparents, and caregivers are included in the educational process every step of the way. In keeping with best practices, our programs are fully inclusive with sighted children integrated in each class, providing unique opportunities for social interaction and acquisition of critical skills.

Headquarter Address

4120 Marathon Street
Los Angeles, CA 90029