Big Shoulders Fund

Big Shoulders Fund supports a network of 72 high-need schools in the Chicago area. These schools serve nearly 20,000 children, 70 percent of whom reside in low-income households. In addition, as a result of a fully funded charitable donation, it has extended its programming to 20 schools in Northwest Indiana, reaching an additional 6,000 children. The funds raised by Big Shoulders Fund go directly towards supporting a variety of programs and operational needs including scholarship support and academic enrichment for students, operational improvements for schools, leadership development programs for the next generation of school leaders, and academic programs and professional development for teachers. Our network of schools are seen as anchors in their communities and in the lives of the families they serve. It is our mission to help Chicago's children achieve their dreams through access to a quality, values-based education.

Headquarter Address

212 West Van Buren
Suite 900
Chicago, IL 60607