America-Israel Cultural Foundation

Founded in 1939, The America-Israel Cultural Foundation (AICF) supports and develops artistic life in Israel by awarding scholarships and grants. By encouraging Israeli artists and supporting institutions and programs, AICF makes a vital contribution to the cultural foundation of Israel and strengthens her relationship with America. AICF has supported 18,000 emerging artists and 600 cultural institutions in Israel. As a successful and dedicated charity, our work is recognized as the standard of artistic excellence in Israel. Our success is evidenced by the increasing talent and depth of Israel culture recognized globally. AICF alumni are represented in over 45 internationally known ballet and modern dance companies; as scriptwriters, actors, and producers for award-winning television series, blockbuster movies, and indie films; and appear on the most important operatic, theatrical, and symphonic stages in the world.

Headquarter Address

178 Columbus Avenue
P.O. Box 237133
New York, NY 10023