Allentown Art Museum

The mission of the Allentown Art Museum is to enrich the lives of the widest possible audience of visitors to the Museum by engaging, informing, and inspiring them through the activities of collecting, preserving, studying, exhibiting, and interpreting important works of visual art. Founded in 1934, the Museum offers tremendous variety and quality in its collection and exhibitions, educational and popular programs, and its busy calendar of public events. Annually we serve more than 117,000 participants, of whom more than 30% are children in school programs, after school programs, and public educational events. The Museum's collection of more than 13,000 works of art offers our regional community the opportunity to experience more than nearly 2,000 years of cultural heritage, in an accessible and visitor-friendly environment.

Charity Navigator Ratings

Overall Rating

(3/4)|82.78 Score


(2/4)|78.81 Score

Accountability & Transparency

(3/4)|88 Score



Headquarter Address

31 North Fifth Street
Allentown, PA 18101