Achievement Centers for Children

Founded in 1940 as a Rotary Club service project known as Society for Crippled Children, the Achievement Centers for Children is one of Greater Cleveland's most effective agencies providing varied and high-quality services and programs for children and adults with disabilities and their families. Our mission is to enable and empower children and adults with disabilities and their families to achieve their greatest potential. Individuals served have a wide range of disabilities including physical, neurological, sensory, cognitive, emotional or a combination of these. We focus on the key program areas of family support, education, therapy & recreation/adapted sports. In fiscal year 20-21, the Achievement Centers served over 2,800 individuals and their families at our 3 locations and in community, home settings and via remote/telehealth. Our dedicated staff are partners in a family's challenging journey and help clients and their families find hope and get outstanding results and impact.

Headquarter Address

4255 Northfield Road
Highland Hills, OH 44128