A Chance In Life

A Chance In Life has changed the lives of over 40,000 at-risk youth through our Towns around the world. We serve refugee and migrant youth in Italy, poor and disabled youth in Ethiopia and children living in marginalized communities in India and Latin America. Every year we give 4,000 children a chance to become responsible members of their own communities through a unique approach called self-government (Positive Youth Development). Self-government gives young people a voice in creating their future and supports them to develop as young leaders, taking shape differently in each country to best suit their culture and needs. In 2020, on the occasion of our 75th Anniversary, we started our first program in USA. "The Village" is a youth center serving marginalized children in New York City. Based on the principles of Positive Youth Development, our center provides financial literacy courses, training, and most importantly a safe harbor to detached and idle youth.

Headquarter Address

250 East 63rd Street
Suite 204
New York, NY 10065